Starting up

So far so good! I want to start by saying, no, I don’t have a PhD topic yet, or a supervisor, or funding. That said, I’m still pretty optimistic that I’ll find at least one of the missing ingredients over the next semester.

Generally saying I would like to work and write about play. And in doing so I might just challenge myself to one or another activity to have a bit of a gameful approach to the project. In the blog “The thesis whisperer” it is deemed important to practice your writing, not by writing constantly but a little, often. So after reading the first chapter of “The little book of productivity“, I decided to go for the Timeboxing approach, setting myself a timer of 30 minutes a day to write my thesis-blog. So, this is my first challenge: Holding that up for a month, because habits form after doing something regularly for a while, not right after starting something.

So, enough of the theorizing. Tomorrows topic: How will I manage my resources and literature.

January Calendar

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